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If you found our articles and resources useful for software testing professionals and would like to link to us, it is much appreciated. Feel free to snag one of the link or graphics below and place it on your website.

Copy the HTML code for text or banner links and paste it in your website at prominent place.

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1) Software Testing Help
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<a href="/" title="Software Testing Help">Software Testing Help</a>

2) Software Testing Resources

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<a href="/resources/" title="Software Testing Resources">Software Testing Resources</a>

3) Testing Interview Questions
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<a href="/software-testing-interview-questions/" title="Testing Interview Questions">Testing Interview Questions</a>

4) Software Testing Articles

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<a href="/sitemap/" title="Software Testing Articles">Software Testing Articles</a>

5) Software Testing QA Jobs

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<a href="/jobs/" title="Software Testing QA Jobs">Software Testing QA Jobs</a>


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1) Banner #1

Testing and Quality Assurance Guide

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<a href="/"><img src="/wp-content/qa/uploads/2011/12/software.jpg" alt="Testing and Quality Assurance Guide" width="200" height="35" border="0"></a>

2) Banner #2

Manual Testing Tutorials

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<a href="/"><img src="/wp-content/qa/uploads/2012/12/sth.jpg" alt="Manual Testing Tutorials" width="39" height="48" border="0"></a>